floridacan 1Ok, it’s not true, but thinking of it is not so far-fetched. Could you imagine? Just think, if you’re a right wing Republican you would not have to face 7 more years of Obama, and well just the act of seceding would warm the cockels of their hard hearts. For Florida’s democrats well they would see solar communities in no time, high stakes testing in schools would disappear and Florida’s education levels would surpass the entire United States in 5 years.
There are other advantages. Florida’s aged population would benefit from Canada’s wonderful socialized medicine. And since there are already so many Canadian snowbirds in Florida, the transition would not be difficult and they wouldn’t have to get supplementary medical coverage while in the US – they could stay longer than 6 months!!! floridacan 1
Another real estate boom in Florida -just think!
Hey, maybe we could trade? Florida for Quebec. The US would gain much needed hydorelectricity from Quebec, which they pay for already, and Florida could sell their water to Atlanta for much more money – granted in Canadian $$$, but no matter. Of course, French would have to become another language taught in US schools, but hey Quebecers look like Americans except for the accent, just think of them as more foreign sounding Aussies. Then there’s poutine – yes gravy and French fries – sounds pretty American to me.
Yes, if only politics could think out of the box and be shackled by historical prerequisites. What a world it could be!


I will never support torture as I will never support the death penalty. I boil this down to the belief that humans must exemplify decency, tolerance and respect for all life. Once we start to make exceptions, we are lost.

Why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong? It is sad that the US is one of the few western nations that still supports the death penalty.

But back to torture. If you believe in this barabric policy you should try what Christopher Hitchens did and that is to experience waterboarding firsthand. Oh of course, that isn’t torture.

Well, if you are convinced that torture is necessary and effective, then at least have the decency to watch the documentary Standard Operating Procedure. Then we can talk.

Fast Draw: Offshore Drilling Video

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Emperor’s New Clothes

It’s deja vu all over again. Remember way back when the discussion was the lack of intelligence of our new President? This was pre 9/11. We all thought it, but no one would say it. The media looked the other way. And then Iraq. The media let us down more severely, by allowing the government to get away with misleading the public. And here we go again. McCain’s VP pick is the most boneheaded move conceivable. Yet the Repubs are spinning faster than a summer tornado, and the media is eating it up. Has no one got the guts to say what we all are thinking?? McCain is no maverick, he is a loose cannon. I personally wonder if his POW experience did not damaged this man, and perhaps now in his old age the psychological wounds are surfacing in some sort of dementia. I mean this sincerely. Has anyone done a psych evaluation on the man? Isn’t it required?

My greatest fear is that America is becoming it’s own bad reality show. I fear that people would rather eat up sensational news and events rather than deal with issues that effect their lives. When you consider how much of our media is under corporate ownership, controlled by big money, how can we hope to construct truth. In the end, how can we hope to change this country???


Let’s just cut to the chase. The Republicans haven’t a clue about women. Look at the Republican women that have come to our attention in the past eight years – Condoleeza Rice, Harriet Miers, and Miss Scary herself, Katherine Harris not to mention some drab or rigid first ladies, sorry Laura, Barbara Bush (she is a lady right?), and Betty Ford to name a few. McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin is consistent with the Republicans’ taste in women, whom I call the political bimbos – bad hair, Wall Street suits, and some essence that appeals to the sad old men of the Republican party.

Republican women remind me of the Stepford wives and some remind me of those women who marry Mormons and serve them quietly and obediently. I can’t help but feel that Cindy McCain is quietly seething as a younger, big-haired woman is going to steal her photo ops, while it is her fortune that gave McCain his path to politics.

McCain has seriously erred if he thinks that Hillary will sit quietly as this lightweight tries to break the “glass ceiling” instead of her. I’m looking forward to Hillary claws coming out and maybe Bill can get her in a compromising position. It will be fun to watch. Let the games begin.